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Colorado Has the Second-Lowest Obesity Levels in the Nation


Staff Writer

According to the new data released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last week, Colorado has not only the lowest rates of heart disease and diabetes across the nation but also the second-lowest obesity levels compared to other states. The CDC data reveals that among Colorado adults, 25.1% of them report obesity. This is not a surprising result as Colorado has long been one of the healthiest states in the nation with high levels of income and education and a pool of active residents who have fostered a fitness-friendly culture. 

In terms of obesity rates, therefore, Colorado is only outperformed by the District of Columbia where 4.7% of adults report obesity. States along the coasts such as California, Washington, and New Jersey, also have relatively low obesity rates. Among the states that have the highest obesity rates are the southern and midwestern states, including West Virginia, Kentucky, and Alabama.