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Local News

PFAS from Colorado Military Bases Contribute to Environmental Injustice | Opinion

For over a century, the U.S. Army has been plagued by the lasting consequences of its negligent use, storage and disposal of hazardous chemicals. As a result, countless troops and dependents residing on contaminated bases regularly came into contact with toxins known to trigger adverse health effects and deadly diseases.

Enough Power in a Heat Wave in 2025? State Officials Wonder.

Would there be electricity sufficient to meet the demand in Aspen, Boulder, and Sterling? Grand Junction, Alamosa, and Steamboat Springs? Amid this record heat, would Coloradans be left without electricity as occurred with the rolling blackouts in California during 2020?”

Cheapest Gas Prices in Colorado

Luckily, the state is not suffering  from top-shelf prices like in Hawaii, which sits at $5.28 dollars per gallon as of the time of this writing.

AI-Generated Art Has Many Questioning the Ethics of Technology

Every year the Colorado State Fair & Rodeo draws scores of visitors seeking a variety of entertainments. This year’s fair, however, laid the groundwork for a rising conversation involving one of the more popular attractions: the fine arts competition.

Colorado Under Threat by “Tripledemic”

With winter upon us, so too is a wave of flu, COVID-19, and RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus), plaguing the southern region of Colorado. Health officials are calling it a “tripledemic,” warning that numbers of cases and hospitalizations will likely increase in the coming weeks.

Obstacles Preventing Water Access for the City of Thornton

Being the sixth populous area of Colorado one would imagine that the city of Thornton would have access to an abundance of water. They do, but unfortunately the water supply is located 70 miles north from the city in western Larimer County.