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Local News

Colorado Bests National Education Attainment Goal

Colorado is one of just four states where more than 60% of adults aged 25-64 have achieved a professional certificate or degree beyond high school, according to a new Lumina Foundation report.

Faster-Than-Reflexes Robo-Boots Boost Balance

Robotic boots providing superhuman reflexes can help your balance. Our new study shows that the key to augmenting balance is to have boots that can act faster than human reaction times.

Conservation as a Tool for Strengthening Business

A few miles south of Durango on a parcel of Florida Mesa land overlooking the Animas River, a landowner is using an increasingly popular land conservation technique to ensure a viable long-term business, combining water-efficient farming with programs to help veterans groups and at-risk youths connect with nature and find healing.

Colorado Should Kick Lawns to the Curb | Opinion

Over the course of the next seven years, an average 35,000 housing units will be built each year in Colorado. If past trends persist, around 70% of those housing units will be single-family homes.